Iron Armour Athletes is the sporting arm of IAA, focusing on all aspects "on the field" such as sports development, health and fitness, mentoring, training and coaching programs, holiday camps, and sports club and school involvement.


Iron Armour Ministries focuses on aspects "off the field" relating to pastoral care, community outreach, motivational speaking and the New Breed Athletes Conference.


Iron Armour Support is the community arm of IAA, focusing on our educational, employment and entrepreneurial programs.

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About Us

IRON ARMOUR ACADEMY is a non-for-profit organisation, based on Christian Values, dedicated to assisting young people, in relation to improving their life skills and sporting development through our various training, mentoring and scholarship programs that are generally not offered to or available.


Our Vision is to build a new breed of athlete that would be strong spiritually and physically to be the best athlete on and off the field, fulfilling their purpose and impacting their families, peers and communities for Jesus Christ. 


Our Team

The team at Iron Armour Academy are dedicated to providing quality programs. We are constantly learning, improving and evolving to ensure our programs remain relevant and innovative. Each member brings to the table their own unique talents and expertise, and as a team, we stand together, united to serve a common purpose in serving and making a positive impact in our communities.

Chris Aho

Co-Founder / Director / CEO

Iron Armour Athletes Head Coach

Director of Iron Armour Ministries

Marcell Putaura

Co-Founder / Director

Iron Armour Athletes Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Director of Iron Armour Support

Rochell Aho

Director / Secretary


Operations and Events

Emma Putaura



Marketing and Merchandise

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