Corporate to Community is a community engagement program for corporations that know the importance of understanding the communities that they are connected to.


Corporate to Community program is developed from the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), meaning that corporations have a responsibility not only for the economic consequences of their activities, but also for the social and environmental implications.


The program purpose is to support corporate business in making a positive impact and creating change in the communities that align with their business by being involved in the social activities.

Corporate to Community initiative is made p of up of two key stages, the stages work individually but are best in-conjunction with one another. 


The workshop (stage 1) has been designed through experience and expertise from working within various communities across Victoria, Australia and New Zealand for over 7 years. Uniquely designed to create impact in the corporation internally by connecting with communities externally. Stage One is designed to support time and health management of the business leadership to create more cohesive work, life and out-reach impact.


Activation (Stage 2) is designed around active learning. Understanding the community needs by getting involved. During Stage 2 an Iron Armour Academy representative will take the business senior leadership behind the scenes in the community for a week, the day, a few hours, whatever suit the business.  During this time the team leader will be observing, engaging and meeting people of the community to gage the best areas of influence.