Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register my child for an Academy Program?


Depending on the program you can register your child through the Academy Programs page. Find the program you want to register your child in, click 'Register' button and you will be able to register your child.

How/Where can I get Iron Armour Academy training gear?


If you are looking to purchase training gear for your child, they will receive their gear on training day once they have been registered.


If you are looking to purchase extra training gear or just wanting Iron Armour Academy merchandise you can visit our online store.

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Is there a Price List for Academy Programs?


Yes. You can find the Program prices on the Academy Programs page.

What days are training and what time does training start?


It depends on which programs you child is in. Each programs starts at different times and some programs are on certain days of the week.


To find out more details go to the Academy Program page and find which program you're interested in, here you will finds days and times of training or alternatively go to our Home Page and see our calandar.