If you would like to change the plan you are on you do not need to re-register, just complete the subscription button below and your payments will be updated, we will end any existing payments and update your registration.

UNLIMITED PLAN: $20per week

You will gain access to all locations, outdoor programs, gym sessions and online program.

This upgrade is currently only for our Rookies and Elite Age group.

(Unlimited $15 for Mini Giants and Little Giants - does not include online access)

OUTDOOR ONLY PLAN: $15per week

You will gain access to all outdoor sessions, this plan does not include any gym sessions or online sessions.

Once completed you will receive a detailed email of timetable and booking sessions (some sessions restricted inline with covid protocols). Please read this email carefully.


Despite the change in the way we offer our service our purpose remains the same.

To engage, equip and empower the next generation for the Game of Life. We are so excited to slowly be getting back to our usual timetable.

By selecting "Subscribe" we will continue this journey together on an ongoing basis. You can cancel anytime, we just need 2 weeks notice. Your payments are automatically paused over IAA Holiday periods.

We thank you so much for journeying with us and supporting our community focused non-profit.

We are so grateful to support so many young people stay physically, mentally and spiritually strong and support them with ongoing routine. We hope you will continue to journey with us.