In Season Training is Important

Our Recon program has been designed to keep the athlete active during the off season and performing better than ever before, watching them (no matter what age) head back to their clubs with new skill, ability, fitness and most of all confidence. Armour Up was designed to maintain that development over the season ensuring each athlete is always performing at their best.

Coming from the industry (as both athletes and industry professionals) we knew the Armour Up program was highly important to support the athlete holistically. We recognise an athlete cannot rely completely on the conditioning provided at team training to maintain the results of pre & off season program and have them continuously working to their best ability.

The possible effects on an athlete that does not dedicate themselves to an in season program focused on maintaining their performance from the pre season can be devastating for an athlete or team that wants to be playing and feeling their best when it matters the most. Performance Deterioration, also known as detraining, is the result of not continuing a specialised training program, seeing previous results slowly deteriorate.

According to Kramer in his study on Recreationally Strength Trained Men, “Physiological changes corresponding to decreased performance capacity have been reported after periods of significantly reduced training, complete cessation of training, and immobilization. The magnitude may be dependent upon the length of the detraining period and how highly trained the individual is.”

Regardless of what sport the athlete plays, the most important games are going to be played at the end of your season. The off season and pre season training will support the athlete to be their strongest at the beginning of the season to only see strength and speed fade away just as they need it - at the end of the season when the games matter the most.

With a good in season program the athlete will maintain, and may even increase results over their sport season. This is particularly important for an athlete to be able to withstand the demands of their sport throughout the season, playing at their best at each opportunity, whilst also supporting injury prevention.

No matter what age the athlete is (junior, senior) it is important that they get supported through the sports season consistently. Junior aged players do not have the strength, endurance, or stability of muscle and joints to effectively perform many sports skills without injury. This means they are at high risk for poor form, improper technique, and training errors. The earlier the body is prepared for sport by working to ensure they have the proper strength, endurance, balance, coordination, and mobility the better for lifelong results.

Young bodies are very resilient and will adapt as needed although many physical issues may not surface until older age, which is why having any great foundation and consistent training schedule is so important, in many ways this is also important to promoting health and fitness in general regardless if they play a specific sport or not.

An in season program such as Armour Up is so much more then another busy night, it’s an opportunity to get the professional support needed at a time where there is an information overload, and many people vying for the same positions. What makes Armour Up exceptional is that the athlete is supported throughout the season with not only the correct strength and conditioning and fitness maintenance but also specific sport technique – to be game ready all the time. Most importantly we have only one body, we must do all we can to look after it with the right information.

If you would like support to be the best you can be on and off the field please do not hesitate to contact us on how we can help.

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