As a non-profit organisation our volunteers are an important aspect to all our programs and essential to ensuring we maintain the quality and excellence in all that we do. We believe that every person is gifted in their own way and has something unique to offer. Volunteering with us is a fantastic opportunity to give back to the community whilst gaining valuable experience. We are grateful to have support from any individual or group/business that desires to volunteer with us.


Our volunteers provide the following services:

  • Coaching for our Iron Armour Athletes

  • Grounds management and security on training days

  • Catering for events and outreach programs

  • Helping to maintain our grounds

  • Providing administrative support

  • Providing pastoral support through involvement with In the Grid and In the Heart programs

  • Providing career guidance and referring youth to job opportunities


If you believe you or your group/business have a skill set to offer or if you simply want to help and get involved please do not hesitate to contact us.