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Who Are We

IRON ARMOUR ACADEMY (IAA) is a non-for-profit organisation, based on Christian Values, dedicated to assisting young people, in relation to improving their life skills and sporting development through our various high performance training, mentoring and scholarship programs that are generally not offered or not available due to limited financial resources. 

We are passionate about providing an academy that is accessible to all people and focuses on developing the youth entirely regardless of background, religion and circumstances. At IAA we have a strong 'family' culture based on respect and comradery, meaning everyone is welcome and no one is left behind. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

To Engage, Equip and Empower a new breed of athlete (young person) to win life on and off the field by providing tools that influence self-belief, inspire change and willingness to serve, bringing hope to their families, peers and communities.


Engage people where they are at, by building a rapport based on understanding of their background, circumstance, culture etc.


Equip by providing tools, strategies, support and mindfulness that encourage lasting growth


Empower each person by adding value that support confidence and life skills for success beyond Iron Armour Academy

Our Purpose

our purpose

From the beginning the aim has been to provide programs for young people/athletes that prevent suffering mental health issues and support a growth mindset. Leaving the young person understanding they are valuable beyond their athletic ability, or societal expectations. Each program (though the delivery/design may differ) is developed to provide tools that support young people in becoming valued members of their greater community.

Our programs consistent of both physical and mindful training methods that both challenge and nurture habits of the young person.

As our program evolved the word 'Athlete' for us describes all people as we focus on the 'life' athlete; supporting families and communities as a whole to move with direction and purpose.

Our Story

our story 

Iron Armour Academy began in 2012, by industry professionals that wanted to fill gap in mental health tools for young people. Using their professional backgrounds in elite development the concept started with 8 young people training and being mentored in a garage in the western suburbs of Melbourne and has now grown to assisting young people and their families across Australia, New Zealand and the Globe. Improving the life skills and athletic development for individuals, groups and the community through our programs, Iron Armour Academy is honoured to have created partnerships that offer school scholarships, national and international pathways in a variety of sports and careers.

Our founders began as high school friends where they attended prestigious St Pauls College in New Zealand, it was here they were part of the schools academy and representative teams. After school and many years with little to no contact our founders met again in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, where they reconnected and found themselves wanting to make an impact on the youth and story of Iron Armour Academy began, alongside their wives and children.

Coming from high level sporting backgrounds, our founders saw themselves (as young athletes) and the athletes around them, not having the mental or emotional support to make the best choices once cut from the squad, suffering an injury or societal pressures. Having no network to help deal with the repercussions from their own life events, they also have had their own personal stories of being touched by youth suicide due to lack of self worth. As they became adults and entered the sports industry as professionals they realised that this story was not rare but very common and decided that with their combined experience, they could make a change.

Since then tailored, evidence-based mentoring, fitness, athletic performance, prevention and intervention programs, workshops and rehabilitation strategies are created to ensure positive engagement from young people in their communities by breaking barriers. Our programs have been successfully implemented throughout multiple communities, many schools (primary and secondary), juvenile justice sector and both grass roots & professional sports clubs. We have been honoured to watch many of our participants excel in life both on and off the field.

Each program has been developed through real-life experience and professional standards to ensure we stay relevant, connected and outcome focused. Building strong foundations to win the game you can't afford to lose - THE GAME OF LIFE.

The Game of Life




This is an amazing program and my son's have been blessed to be participants in this program... Thank you coach and Iron Armour Academy for providing this service to our youth.



…working closely with IAA for three years now and have seen exceptional improvement in our student behaviour, motivation and engagement in their schooling.



...Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre would like to express our great like and appreciation of the Iron (Armour) Academy and all that they do, and stand for. They have become a welcome and much-looked-forward-to event each week in our unit

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