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Accelerate your development, separate yourself from the rest. LEARN, GROW, LEAD

Each school holiday we provide a variety of programs designed to suit all.

As an academy we are pleased to offer multiple sport, athletic and mindset programs and workshops, helping each athlete excel and grow in potential over the break. 

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Our expert coaches will take you through a variety of skills that will challenge and support you in mastering the fundamentals, excelling your current ability and learning new skills.

We offer multiple age groups to support the athlete at each stage of development. Starting from age  U8 - Open ages. The programs are split into development/age groups.

Excel during your season and grow in the off season. During the program you get unrestricted access to industry proven development program that has seen many athletes achieve representative titles, pathways scholarships and more. Boost your skills and game sense making next season your best yet!​

Want More? We offer a variety of program each week!

Development is an ongoing process. Our programming covers all needs to make an athlete, at any stage of development, accelerate their learning, build confidence, enjoy sport, build a healthy mindset and excel. To really get ahead of the pack join us today.

Development During Covid

We are working hard ensure our programs remain available during any season. RECON is the program that started IAA off almost 10 years ago when we our founders wanted to make a change in the mental health of young people, the impact of the pandemic on people particularly young people has been large and it is more important than ever to engage our youth and provide tools for life success.

We have designed our timetable to be unstoppable by providing multiple locations and continuing our strong foundation with live online sessions. We encourage all interested to REGISTER as face-to-face sessions may be capped but we will do all we can make room for all. 

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