Our programs are created to be holistic in approach supporting young people from all backgrounds that may also be experiencing or leading towards dis-engagement, mental health issues and/or gangsterism.  providing tailored, evidence based mentoring programs to young people including rehabilitation strategies for positive engagement in their communities. designed for prevention and intervention services for young people and their families. 



Our Little Giants program caters for boys and girls between ages 8 to 10 years of any or no sporting background and level. 

An extension of the Mini Giants program, Little giants introduces higher intensity, refining and improving coordination. Goals setting through introduction to fitness testing. “Practice makes perfect” and “No I in Team” are key lessons of Little Giants season


Sessions are held at our various gym locations and local sports field zones. 



Our Rookies Program is catered for boys and girls between the ages of 11 to 14 years of any or no sporting background or level. 

Designed to introduce the athletes to a positive and professional environment from an early on that supports discipline, goals setting and mindset development.

Testing is increased with sessions focusing on fitness training, speed development, footwork, strength training (introduction), ball skills, agility, hand/eye coordination, evasion, decision making, game sense, teamwork and support. (Pathways begin from this age group).



Our Elite Program is catered for boys and girls from the age of 15-19+ of any or no sporting background or level. This program aims to improve the skills and fitness levels of the athlete in a professional and positive environment. The sessions focus on physical fitness and mental toughness, encouraging athlete development from the inside and out.   


Complete Athlete Development; Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. Testing is an integral part of this program. The sessions involve high intensity fitness, endurance training, strength training, muscle building, sport specific advice, nutritional advice, recovery programs and most importantly IAM mentoring from strong healthy mindset. Pathways and elite standards is focused throughout this program.



The High Performance Unit (HPU) is an invitational or trial based program offered to outstanding achiever in both their physical and emotional development and identified to have the attitude, leadership qualities and commitment in order to complete the program.


HPU members gain access to extra development sessions, events, tour programs and potential pathways.

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We offer a range of programs that run during the school holidays. These are rand from day based active programs, specialist sport programs and intensive athlete 3 day overnight camp. Programs are run by experienced coaches and special guest coaches.



Iron Armour Academy attracts participants from many sporting clubs and codes. We can provide specialised coaching sessions for juniors, seniors and coaches.


We have many options for clubs including; Mentoring, Leadership seminar, In house coaching, Specific performance programs, Coaches development, Sport Chaplaincy , Team Bonding Session (TBS) designed to strengthen teams and Mental Well-being programs. 

We come your home grounds visits, or visit us at our performance center.



Fit 4 Purpose is our Personal Training and Group Training program catered for adults. F4P is aimed to improve health and fitness of all participants in a safe, encouraging and fun environment.

These sessions are designed to get you results during convenient times.

With F4P we also hold fundraising fitness days that support our programs and initiatives 



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